Sea Freight Export Consolidation

Sea Freight Export Consolidation

Professional Italy LCL Consolidation
Optimum LCL solution
No Matter where you ship, we can always provide the best LCL solution for you.

Export Full Container Service

Full Container Load (FCL) and Non-Containerized Load services with various routings, sailing frequencies and transit time options.
Our mission is to offer customized and cost-efficient solutions for specific ocean freight requirements with the support of fully integrated value-add services.

Sea Freight Import Consolidation

Profestional Inbound Consolidation Service

Import Full Container Service

Rely on the close cooperation with most shipping lines, we offer competitive rates and qualified services. With worldwide coverage, we have available FCL sea freight rates under multiple pricing scopes. Our specialized team designs solutions and selects the most suitable routing as per our customers’ needs.

Air Freight

On time Air Freight Service

We connect all airports in Great China with the whole world through comprehensive air freight services including airline chartering, air freight consolidation and multimodal alternatives such as air-air, air-sea, air-road. We are committed to provide multiple pricing, routing and transit time alternatives that will help select the most suitable cost-efficient solutions based on our customer’s priorities (routing vs. cost vs. transit time).

Railway Transportation

Innovative and Efficient Train Service

Upon the launch of the China-Europe railway network, a New Silk Road Economic Zone was established which connects Central Asia and Europe. This is a part of China’s strategy to build a new pattern of co-development between East and West.

Import / Export Trade Agency

Import Trade Agency

Service: Provide Customs clearance,CIQ and delivery service
The company has been engaged in foreign trade for a long time. Excellent professional salesmen, customs and inspectors have a good reputation in customs, entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, ports and new and old customers.

  • (1). Import Licence
  • (2). Import cargo Business evaluation
  • (3). Supplier sourcing
  • (4). Estabilish import Plan
  • (5). Payment plan
  • (6). Application for Import Licence

Export Trade Agency

Our export business includes booking, declaring, inspection, warehousing, domestic transportation containers and import customs clearance agents, destination ports, deliveries and other training services, and according to customer needs, third overseas locations are provided for a single, third transport and other services. Provide the most appropriate logistics solutions for each representative.

  • (1). Business negotiation
  • (2). L/C payment
  • (3). Export
  • (4). Booking
  • (5). CIQ
  • (6). Export Docs
  • (7). Customs clearance
  • (8). Departure of shipment
  • (9). Settlement of foreign exchange
  • (11). Accounting settlement
  • (11). Payment collection
  • (12). Tax return

Freight Insurance

We protect our customers against unforeseen events

As a senior insurance agent who holds active cooperation with insurance companies, we can offer various types of cargo insurance at the most reasonable rates whether we handle import or export goods by sea, air or domestic land transportation. We will select the insurance package that offers best protection as per each customer’s budget and requirements.

Declare at Customs

Target certainty. Customs certainty.

Whether goods are shipped from a third country to the EU or from the EU to a third country: We are familiar with the individual customs requirements of the destination countries and take care of the entire customs process with the local customs authorities. Ideal connections make this possible.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Tax representatives for shipments from third countries with direct transport to another EU country
  • Our own tax representatives on site
  • Customs consulting and customs clearance
  • Savings of time and money

Special Customs clearance:

  • Food
  • Free trade zone
  • Second Hand Machinery
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Personal Effects
  • Luxury Cargo

Business Contacts

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