Project Cargo Services

We provide solutions for international transportation of oversized equipment, break bulk, heavy lifts, steel products, Ro-Ro,
vessel chartering, etc, through our active cooperation wit world’s leading project carriers.


  • Customs brokerage packing, crating and rigging to ensure maximum protection of cargoes
  • Process control
  • Cargo lashing
  • Cargo tracking and tracing

Value Added Services

  • Warehousing and distribution support
  • Terminal handing services
  • Vessel chartering
  • Insurance

Business Relocation


Sunsail has trained a professional handling team to provide customers with commercial relocation services. The handling of goods includes not only bulky bulky equipment, but also various precise instruments and equipment. Our experienced employees can use hydraulic vehicles, mobile cranes, air cushion handling and other special equipments, combined with ground protection, heat shrinkable film packaging and other professional processes to complete complex and challenging handling. We work closely with the customer’s engineering staffs to ensure that the handling tasks are completed on time and safely.

Our professional commercial relocation services include:
– Large equipment or factory / workshop relocation
– Precise instruments, equipment and laboratory relocation
– Transportation and handling of hazardous chemicals

Large equipment or factory / workshop relocation

Our professional team uses forklifts, cranes, air cushion trucks, hydraulic vehicles and other special transport equipment, professional handling of a large variety of machinery and equipment. If you have bulky and bulky equipment to be transported, we can provide professional and timely service to help you complete the disassembling, loading, transportation, location and debugging work. Our service covers single large, overweight equipment handling until the entire workshop or factory handling. Whether it is urban transportation or domestic / international transportation, we will provide you with cost-effective service.

If you have large weight and need to be carried, please contact us.

Relocation of precision instruments, equipment and laboratories

Whether you need to move the laboratory or factory precision instruments or equipment, we have a set of effective processes. To maximize the handling efficiency, the whole process runs through the equipment disassembling, shipment, transportation, location and restart.

DG relocation and handling

We have rich experience in DG reloation and handling, we can offer the folloing service:
– DG transporation
– Chemical transportaion
– Laboratory relocation
– All our vehichile are certified to ship DG, which are in line with the regulated saftey protocal.

The vehicles transported by dangerous goods all have the qualification of transporting dangerous goods, and the special vehicles are equipped with the safety facilities and documents stipulated by the laws and regulations.

Warehousing and domestic trade transportation

Good Storage cost

In addition to the basic warehousing and transportation business, we also provide warehousing value-added services. These value-added services include: quality monitoring, labeling, wrapping, repackaging, assembling, sorting and packaging, etc., We offer tailor made service to accomodate the supplier chain requirements of different customers. No matter it is pure warehousing services or with other value-added services, we can provide a full range of integrated warehousing logistics program according to your requirements.

Connecting hinterlands. Pick-up/Delivery to your doorstep and reduce costs

We design tailor-made solutions by liking up international freight with intermodal inland transportation (FTL or LTL and feeder services) to meet your production demand

Personal effect

Convenient relocation, connecting the world (FIDI an IAM member)

We offer comprehensive and well-organized solutions for both corporate and individual customers worldwide with relocation demands. We design detailed relocation plans based in each customer’s particular requirements. We offer various services including international, domestic and local transportation,with professional consultancy, high quality packing, warehousing/storage, and import and export customs clearance.
We provide local, domestic and international relocation services for enterprises who allocate their expatriates, diplomats and/or other individual clients to/from different locations We also projects as well as wearhousing/storage ()short or long term


  • Packaging for every indivdual item
  • Efficient office and industrial relocation
  • Safe storage accrding to the features of te goods
  • Door to door relocation service for private goods
  • Experienced professionals and strict operations procedures

Value Added Services

  • Pet delivery service (caring for the pets’health)
  • Settlement service at the final destinati

Free Trade Zone and E-commerce Services

Free Trade Zone

We have own Broker in Qingpu FTZ, and provide FTZ brokers and transportatin serivce.


With current high demand and rapid expansion of online logistics services, it have caused that nowadays clients prefer user-friendly platforms which offer better performance in the service quality and information flow. Under this context, we have developed an international B2B / B2C platform as an effective solution for fully integrated end-to-end supply chain management through improved visibility, reduced costs and safe cargo handling.